Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lon McEachern was interviewed in the May issue of Ante Up magazine. He was asked what's it like to work with Norman Chad. Here's his response:

Norman has forced me to learn patience, tolerance, grace and sympathy. Imagine being locked in a small room with only one way out while people, whose careers are balancing on how well YOU perform, stare at you eight hours a day expecting pearls of wisdom with every utterance.

And then you look next to you and discover HIM. It's a miracle we're still on the air. But, I have to admit we've had some good moments and he's someone I would trust to perform well on just about any show.

He's a true professional and a wonderful journalist who has more integrity than most people I know.


  1. I, for one, have always loved their coverage of the WSOP. They have a great chemistry together which only makes everything sound better.

  2. OK, so we agree to disagree.

    To copy from an actor playing a British Doctor on PBS, "Annoying. Very Annoying!" I have a better personality than Doc Martin; but then who doesn't?