Friday, May 4, 2012

Poker pearl #77

Above: Guess who is on the cover of the May issue of Ante Up magazine?

Lon McEachern and Chad Norman are fixtures when it comes to televised poker. Lots of viewers bash McEachern, but I have to admit I like him. Maybe that's because he was born in Memphis, although he grew up in the San Francisco Bay area (his dad was also in broadcasting and got a job in the Bay area). Leaving Memphis for San Francisco? What could the family have been thinking?

He was interviewed in the latest issue of Ante Up magazine (see scan above) and was asked for advice for a player making their first trip to the World Series of Poker.

Be prepared for your jaw to drop when you first enter the playing area at the Rio. It is a sight most poker players have never seen before. It can be overwhelming so I would advise someone to come at least a day early, visit the poker rooms and get over the OMG moment, so when you come to play you can focus on your game.

The size of the fields can be intimidating, but just scale back your focus to your table and pay attention to your competition.

Bring snacks and drinks, take note of where the "less-used" bathrooms are located and rest every chance you get because the long days can catch up to you and ruin your chances.

McEachern was asked what it's like working with Norman Chad. Tomorrow I'll tell you what he said.

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