Sunday, July 1, 2012

Blogger ties run deep

"Hey Dave. How are you? Sounds like Vegas was fun," said a message on Facebook. "Let's meet at Tunica and catch up."

The message was from Sherry who used to blog as JusDealEm two or three years ago. She switched jobs and made her living as a photographer for a while, and poker took a back seat. Now she's switched jobs again -- she and her husband Russell, are doing something they can share (long-distance transportation), and they have time for poker again.

We met at the Horseshoe Casino today and the three of us played in the 2 p.m. $110 buy-in tournament along with 46 other runners. I'd like to say one of us won, but it didn't happen. Russ busted out with pocket aces. I lasted until 11th place and Sherry was knockout out just before I was.

In the long run, the poker results don't matter, relationships do. I enjoyed meeting Russ for the first time. We found we both like the St. Louis Cardinals and the Tennessee Titans. After Sherry's table broke, she was moved to mine and sat on my immediate right -- good karma, no? She's easy to talk with and we picked up where we left off before.

One cute hand. At my table there was an old man who was a stereotypical calling station. He limped in, and I was in the big blind with A-4. This isn't much of a hand, but the price was right. I called and we saw a flop of K-Q-J. I checked and it checked around. The turn was a 10, so I had the nuts. I had a short stack and moved all in. The big blind folded and the calling station did what he does best -- he called. I expected a chop, but he turned over 3-3.

The river was a blank and he looked confused when the dealer pushed me the pot. "He had a straight," the dealer explained. "The board had king, queen, jack, ten."

"Oh, I missed that."

I couldn't make this stuff up.

P.S. How do you like my shirt?

Photo taken by Russell with my P&S camera.


  1. Glad you didn't say you were out after the flop... ;)

  2. Love the shirt, sorry about the results but sounds like a good time was had at least.

  3. Good to see that Sherry is okay. I was wondering how she was after she stopped blogging.

  4. @lightning: she asked about you.

  5. Great to see you again, Mojo! I enjoyed it so much. So glad we got to sit next to each other and chat. That calling station guy was a trip! Good times haha

    Thanks, Lightning, I'm doing fine. Glad I have more time for poker now, I've missed it. :)

  6. She's still cute as a button. Why is she the only one not aging? We have got to find those Dorian Grey pictures on Ebay?

  7. Hi Sherry! Haven't heard from you for a long time and I'd check once in awhile to find that you were still chasing the photographic dream and that you were doing some beautiful work. Best wishes to you and Russ on your new career. I hope that doesn't mean the end of your photography, though. And MOJO needs all the help he can get, you know! :-) I mean, really, look at that shirt. Would anyone wear a shirt like that if his/her name was MOJO? I dunno.

    Do like your cap, Dave. And I know you made a comment about needing more hair, but you don't really just so long as you keep your cap on! :-)

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