Wednesday, July 4, 2012

When tourists come to town

Above: A fancy motorcycle with a trailer-like gizmo was parked outside the Horseshoe Casino last night.

I played two online mini-tournaments of bridge with Kate, then grabbed my headphones and jumped in my car. I don't usually go play poker at 9 p.m., but today is the Fourth of July and I was hoping some of the tourists would be here by last night. I'm not a great cash-game player, but I can beat the tourists, trust me.

There was a waiting list for the Omaha-8 $4/8 limit with a half-kill, so I played $4/8 limit while I waited. It was fun, actually, but I'd forgotten how rotten the play is. On one hand I limped along from the button with 3-3 and the flop was A-3-9 -- beautiful. It checked to me and I bet -- one guy stayed. The turn was a jack and I bet again. The same guy called. The river was a 5, so the board was: A-J-9-5-3 rainbow (no flushes). I bet and the guy raised me! I called and he showed 2-4 for the rivered straight. The Poker Grump and other top players know about the power of the mighty 2-4, but I was surprised this guy had such advanced knowledge.

Another hand: Again I was on the button this time with A 9. The flop came with J-7-5 and two hearts. An old guy bet and I called. I forget the turn, but he bet again and I called. The river was the 7, pairing the board, but giving me the nut flush. He bet again and I called, and he showed 7-5 offsuit for the flopped two pair and the full house on the river. No-fold 'em hold 'em, they say.

I left the 4/8 game a small loser to play in the Omaha game. Not long after I got there, a new player was seated -- a poker dealer from Sam's Town named Austin. He made some comment about "tight-assed table" and raised. Three of us called. He bet the turn and I was the only taker. He bet the river, I raised and he insta-mucked. Think twice about bluffing a nitty old man, just sayin'.

My favorite hand was this one. I picked up A 3 2 4. I called and the flop was 2-3-5 with two hearts. Can you say B-I-N-G-O? A guy bet, I raised and he raised me back. I didn't re-raise, do you see why? I forget the turn, but it was not a heart. Bet, call. The river was the J giving me a baby flush and still the nut low. He bet, I raised and he re-raised. It looked like he had a higher flush and I was getting quartered, so I just called. He turned over A-4-6-x for the nut low, but his straight that had been higher than mine was no longer any good. He hadn't noticed the third heart on the board, so I quartered him instead of the other way around.

Heading back today to make sure the tourists have a good time and to try and make my wallet fatter. Have a happy holiday everybody.

Photo taken with my P&S.


  1. Had to laugh until I considered that I am from out of town.

  2. I'm sure that you can beat a lot more than the tourists, trust me... Happy 4th Mojo!

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