Monday, July 30, 2012

Scenes from a poker tournament

A player (above) checks out the schedule at the World Poker Open currently running at the Gold Strike Tunica.

Two of the Tournament Directors (above) do their thing to update the shot clock.

Dealers (above) await players who've gone on break.

Photos taken with my point-and-shoot camera.


  1. You're pointing and shooting very well. But I noticed you didn't tell us how you are doing...hmmm...that could mean you're doing very well or not so well. I hope it's the first and not the second.

    Re your comment on Ocala: Someone once said that "Golf is a good walk spoiled!" Sometimes I think he was right!

  2. They had a shot clock? 25-second one? How'd you do behind the three point line? :)

  3. I was wondering if, at a crucial moment in your poker play, I rode that palomino through the casino? Could you take advantage of the distraction?

    You could yell, "Look at that horse's ass!"

    No? Darn!

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