Thursday, August 2, 2012

Let's try this again

The World Poker Open had another event with two starting days. Recall that last week I made it to the final day, but finished 43rd where 36 were in the money.

This one (Tuesday and Wednesday - I played Wednesday) had an entry fee of $240, 323 runners, and a $75,000 prize pool. There will be 36 (again) who are in the money, and there are 38 of us left. First place pays $20,250. I have 91,200 chips, almost exactly what I had last time.

GL me.

I love bagging up chips (above). It means I get to play another day.

Budda (above) didn't help his owner. He busted out early. Bad karma.

This character (above) was knocked out by some guy named Memphis MOJO. MOJO's A-K was better than his Q-J.

Venders sell all sorts of stuff at the tournament. This lady (Connie Rice) bought one of their tee shirts. For more info, see here.

Photos taken with my p&s.


  1. Good luck, Mojo! I'm looking forward to a post here tomorrow detailing your brilliant play to win the whole thing.

  2. Good luck! Our older daughter played in the Women's WSOP event in Tunica several years ago and was one of those 36th placers!

  3. Shouldn't Connie be getting paid to advertise them? That goes beyond the bounds, IMO. Wouldn't be caught dead...

    Somebody else get the turn in the bubble bath this time!

    We should all chip in and buy Sparky a hat like that. He'd go crazy trying to figure out how to put the brim at the back.

  4. Good luck. If there are 38 left and 36 finish in the money, I like your odds.

  5. @JT88keys: Thanks.

    @Gretchen: It was good to see you in Philly - thanks for the comment. For those who don't know her, Gretchen is married to a Dave Smith, lol, so we've had some fun with that.

    @KenP: No bubble bath for moi this time. I do hope to go deep, however, so will be taking some chances if that's what the table gives me.

    @Dave: Thanks.

  6. Good luck, MOJO. With all your great finishes it is time for the poker gods to hop on the bandwagon and help you secure the big victory!

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