Tuesday, July 24, 2012

World Poker Open comes to Tunica

Above: This image is a scan of a World Poker Open flyer.

The World Poker Open began last Thursday at the Gold Strike Casino in Tunica MS.

Event 8A, was played today at the Gold Strike. It was the first day of a two-day qualifier. There were 169 runners and 21 of us will advance to the final on Thursday. Tomorrow, new players, or those who didn't make the cut today, can enter what's called Event 8B. We played through the middle of Level 15, so that's when tomorrow's play will end. The qualifiers from the first and second day will reconvene on Thursday.

The event guarantees a $75,000 prize pool. Unless there are 208 runners Wednesday, there will be an overlay. That means there were not enough players entered to meet the guaranteed prize pool, and the tournament sponsors will have to make up the difference.

We started with 10K in chips and I have 91,800. I believe around 80,000 is an average stack so I'm in good shape to cash or go even deeper -- yes!!

I was lucky on one hand. I was in the big blind with about 20 big blinds, and it folded to the small blind who made a raise. I thought he was on a steal and moved all in with J 3. He called and turned over Q Q, ouch.

The dinner break was scheduled 6:30 p.m. It was 6:20 and we had just received our coupons for the buffet. "It's a good thing I already have my food comp," I joked since he had me covered. The flop was J-J-3 and my hand held up. Would you rather be lucky or good? I'll take lucky this time.

* * *

Seen on a shirt of a massage therapist:

"We've got your back."


  1. I don't know that I ever recall you making a bad read, but I've read SEVERAL posts where you've done well in tournaments... Good luck!

  2. What goes around comes around. The successful just need to sometimes avoid stepping in it making the circuit.

    ...as long as you didn't proceed to lie. "Gee, I am so sorry."

  3. Good goin'! I fully expect to see your name in lights in Mississippi!

    Meanwhile, I've talked with several people in Memphis, and they swear they've never known you to be "at a loss for words"! Old, beat-up Islamic cars will do it every time!

  4. @KenP: I didn't say anything as I knew he didn't want to hear it.

  5. "There were 169 runners.

    Doesn't sound like a "World Open" to me. lol

  6. GLGL Mojo! I'll be down there Saturday. Might play the ladies event at horseshoe, not sure yet. Depends what time we get in town. Maybe I'll see ya this wknd :) ~Sherry

  7. @lightning36: Sorry it doesn't sound big enough to you. I think the same event the previous weekend drew 1100 plus. Attendance may have been down because of middle of the week, as well as other events going on (I believe there was a Senior event among others).