Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Mookie, er, The Dank is back

One of the fun tournaments, before Black Friday killed all that, was the Mookie. It was one of the longest-running blogger tournaments lasting about five years. It's now called The Dank after Buddy Dank who plays in it and broadcasts it on his Internet radio station.

Thanks to the efforts of Very Josie and lightning36, 21 of us played mostly for bragging rights. (I think they gave some bonus points or something and five players finished "in the money.")

I finished fourth, w00t. When I left Rakewell, aka the Poker Grump, was in the lead.

I was a short-stack Ninja for most of the final table. My bust-out hand was J-J < 2-2. No, the villain didn't hit a 2. Four diamonds came on the board and he had the 2.

Above: My busto hand in The Dank.


  1. Wow, the Pokerstars photos bring back memories... Way to crush it Josie! ;)

  2. It was fun playing with you at least for a little while, Mojo. On the hand that crippled me I knew I was a 60-40 dog at best to Elcee when I called the all in. I try to play these "for fun" tournaments like any other just because it makes it more fun, but that's not the kind of play I would make in that situation in a game where there was more than bragging rights on the line.

    Maybe we'll wind up playing together again in the future.

  3. Do you remember that play you made on me in the middle of the tourney? You were on the button and raised preflop to, I think, 600 with blinds at 100/200. I called, raised after flop and/or turn, you pushed all in and I folded. What in heck did you have????

  4. @Josie: great to play with you again, too.

    @Coach: good luck with your move.

    @88Keys: Even in a "real" tournament, sometimes you have to accept a 'flip' where you are a slight dog. You win and you're positioned to go deep where the real money is. Nothing wrong with your play, imo.

    @lightning: I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours. What did you have? I had a set of 8s, I think it was. Because you led out, I put you on A-K or K-Q (more likely K-Q), and didn't think you'd fold to a shove. In retrospect, I could have won more money if I had just called, but the pot was getting big and fancy play can lose you a big pot, too.

  5. @JT88Keys: I meant late in a MTT (not early on, obviously).

  6. Since you were on the button and your stack was getting low, I thought you were making a move, so I called. I hit a lowly pair on the flop, but thought the big cards would scare you if I showed strength. Josie and I were chatting and I told her I thought you were weak and I was going to raise it up. She said "I think he's strong." It looks like Josie was ... uhhh .. a little more correct than I was.

    My big hand: A-8 sooted, so I only had bottom pair. As JT has been discussing on his blog, play money elicits different play. I would never have played the hand this way for real money.

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