Thursday, August 9, 2012

Poker is meh lately

Poker has been so-so lately. I feel like I'm playing okay, but without too much to show for it. Last Saturday, I played in the weekly Horseshoe 4 p.m. tournament. There were 131 runners, 12 got paid and I came in 14th. Shortstacked, I got my money in fairly good (as they say) with A-8 versus A-6. A 6 came on the flop and I didn't improve.

I tried again last night (Wednesday), again at the Horseshoe. Only 30 runners showed up and five were paid. I came in fourth for a min-cash.

I did finish second in a cheap $5 MTT on Bovada (see below), and was 10th in another and I've had some other good runs, but without much to show for it.

I'm excited to say that I'm leaving for France (and Netherlands) next week to play in the World Bridge Championships. I'll post about that tomorrow.


  1. Good luck in Lille. Envious but I have to play in the English Summer Congress.

  2. Bubble sucks. Enjoy the international travel; if you get a chance, check out the French casinos / poker rooms. They're awful players :-). I saw a post yesterday or two days ago that Bodog is leaving the market. Does this affect you?

  3. What a life! You should write a book on getting the most out of retirement. Maybe a good cash before you leave will give you a couple buy-ins over there. Have fun!

  4. May you create a Bridge over troubled waters! Or something like that...anyway good luck....

  5. If you're going to France, I could go along as your aide-de-camp? Yes? Oui? Lucky guy!

    Re your comment on Ocala: There is a hair salon in Ocala called "A Cut Above"!

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