Monday, October 22, 2012

Don't give in to tilt

There wasn't much money involved, but I was happy with how I played the tournament shown above today. With 12 players left, one shoved with 30 big blinds. It folded to me and I was happy to call with A-A. He turned over 6-6. Folks, don't move all in with a small pocket pair when you still have plenty of chips -- just sayin'.

The flop came with a 6, naturally, and so the fish had plenty of chips and I had three big blinds left. I had an urge to shove and hope to get lucky, but I didn't do that. I waited and finally got a decent hand (don't remember what), doubled up and started my come-back. It's easy to get ticked off and think "aw screw it." That's what I meant when I wrote above that I was happy with how I played. I didn't give in to tilt.

When we were heads up, the villain had a 3:1 chip advantage. I whittled him down to only two to one, then the final deal. I had 8 7 and raised from the button. He called and the flop was 5 6 10. The villain bet and I shoved. With 15 outs, I'm 56+% to improve to either a flush or a straight. He called and showed two pair: 5 6.

Notice I said I was 56+% to improve. I didn't say I was 56% to win the pot. I could hit a flush or straight and he could still make a full house.

I didn't improve, so c'est la vie.


  1. Not a lot of money today but I remember that amount being one heck of a week's paycheck.

    Not to worry. Inflation is well controlled. ;)

  2. This is likely pure ignorance on my part... nevertheless

    I make it


    Which is 54.1% so I am curious how you got to 56+%....

    Thanks for your patience


  3. Nicely done Mojo and way to keep cool.

    Collins I think he discounted for his opponents cards as well so the equation becomes 1-(30/45)*(29/44)

  4. Very impressive Mojo, well done. In cash games it is very common to see players going all-in with 10 or even 20 big blinds on the very next hand after losing a big pot. It's obvious that they've just given up and want to go home. On the other end of the spectrum is the player who, under similar circumstances and with $30 left in a 2/5 game, will patiently build it back up to $500.

    Collins, I agree with your 54.1%.

  5. I love how you play - I wait for the best hand with the miniscule stack also - nice patience...

  6. @Collins: Thank you for your comment. I used the 56+% number from memory, but you are right. It should have said 54+%. Are you a mathematician?

  7. As a matter of fact I am... although the software I write day to day does not require too much mathematical sophistication

  8. Hey, we've got your favorite book store and your favorite coffee shop, so what's keeping you? ;-)