Saturday, October 27, 2012

I was tired last night and didn't talk much poker, so this is basically an update. The tournament structure was terrific. They gave us 15,000 in chip and 40-minute levels. The blinds went up slowly, so there was lots of play.

Unfortunately, I only won two pots that were contested to the river. Twice a short stack went all in and I had A-K and moved all in also. The first time the villain had 5-5, but an ace came. The second time, the villain had A-Q and didn't improve. I won other pots, but they were a raise pre-flop and the others folded or CB on the flop and the players folded.

I did have one interesting hand. A guy raised to 300 from early position (blinds were 100/50) and I had J-J. There is certainly a case for re-raising, but I chose to call and a guy behind me re-raised to 850. The first guy re-raised to 3250, so what would you do? I folded. A three-bet then a four-bet? Certainly one (or both of them) has me beat.

The three-better now moved all in. The early-position guy thought for a while and folded. From his body language and his betting, I think the guy who move in had aces. If so, do you agree with his shove? I don't. With aces, you want to get heads up and he already was. You also want to get more money in the pot, of course, but there are three more streets to do that. He basically chased the other guy out of the hand when he was dominant. Yes, you are taking a chance on the other guy sucking out, but if that happens, well it wasn't your day (imo). You have to accumulate chips and running the other guy out of the hand isn't going to do that.

Pari-mutuel betting (shown above) means betting on horses, dogs, jai alai and card-room games such as poker. The bestbet Casino shows football games on big TVs on the weekend, but no betting on that. Notice the spelling of pari-mutuel.


  1. Good post. Thank you.

  2. When do you think we'll be allowed to bet on sporting events like they do in England? Ever?