Friday, October 26, 2012

There were 199 runners who entered Friday, Day 1B of Event No. 1 at the bestbet Casino in Jacksonville FL. I outlasted about 80% of them, but didn't make it through to Day 2 (Sunday). Tomorrow, I'll try again.

The bestbet Casino (don't ask me why they use a lowercase b) is a beautiful facility. It is dedicated to poker and to pari-mutuel betting. No slot machines. Ning, ning, ning -- I really get tired of hearing them. There are 70 poker tables and games of all flavors.

There is one big difference. At most casinos, they offer you free beverages. Cocktail waitresses (and occasionally waiters) bring beer, drinks, soda, water, etc. -- all you have to do is ask. At bestbet, you have to pay. It's $1.50 for a bottle of water, ouch, but they don't have the slot machines to subsidize the drinks and food.

There is no smoking in the bestbet Casino. The poker rooms in Tunica disallow smoking, but there is smoking in the rest of the casino. When I go home, my clothes smell like smoke so I know I'm breathing it just passing through to get to the poker room.

Above: The shot clock when I busted out.

Above: Great looking trophies will go to the winners.


  1. btw -- I was wondering if you have ever dined at The Elegant Farmer?

  2. Good luck today Mojo. I've heard the new poker place there in Jville is nice. Yes paying for drinks sucks but the parimutual facilities in FL cannot have slots except in Miami/Ft Lauderdale, so no way to subsidize it.

  3. Julie and I agree with you regarding the annoying din of the slot machines, and we don't spend hardly any time in casinos. In fact, yesterday Julie flew into Vegas, gave two speeches at Caesars, rushed out and flew back to Phoenix. No time for anything else, nor to extend the stay.

  4. At my local casino, there's no smoking in the poker room either. However, there are no smoking areas of the slot machines, so you can walk out the door and essentially avoid all of the smoking areas so you don't come out of there smelling like a cigarette.

    I think I'll check out the bestbet room next time I'm in FL. Thanks for the update.