Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Third time's a charm

I was running good, as they say, so decided to enter a third MTT on Bovada. No second place or any of that stuff -- had my MOJO workin'.

This was only a $5 tournament and I noticed at the final table the players weren't as good as at the higher levels. With eight left, a player who was third in chips moved all in from early position. Everyone folded and he proudly showed his Q-Q. Huh? He left some money on the table didn't he? They were afraid to play poker, so lots of shoving. I just sat back and waited, like a sniper in a tree.

Last hand, villain had A-5 and limped from the button. I made a big raise with 9-9 and he shoved. I was suspicious, but finally called and my hand held up.

At an early level of the tournament, I got all my chips in the middle against a short-stack with K-K against his 10-10. Look what came on the flop and fourth street. I play them so well (unlike this guy.)


  1. The MOJO mojo -- I love it! It must be nice to be at the level where second place in a tournament is a disappointment ...

  2. According to other knowledgeable experts, KK is the second best hand in poker and is a consistent winner for those with adequate knowledge.

    I think that is what you are saying here. Oh, and your post was quite succinct -- an admirable quality.

  3. P.S. Are you the same fellow bemoaning being a nitty, old-guy player that needed to revise things?

  4. So....when you get pocket Kings you're supposed to flop a set and turn Quads?

    Damn, I gotta try that next time.

    Thanks for the tip.

  5. @Rob: Yes, that's exactly what you should do. Easy peasey.

    1. @Mojo Evidently Rob was one of those kids that didn't pay attention in class and ran with scissors.