Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Aces snapped, but I was the snapper

We all hate it when we play pocket aces, raise like we're supposed to, then get them snapped off. Today, I turned the tables on that. I raised with K-K, was three-bet, I four-bet and the villain moved all in. He thought A-A was a good hand playing online, haha.

The flop gave me the Christmas hand: "We Three Kings," and I went on to finish fourth.

In the other tournament I played this morning, when we began heads-up, I was a 4:1 chip dog, but managed to come back and take the lead before the villain retook the lead and finished me off.


  1. That's the difference between you and Rob. You know how to play KK. It is obvious he doesn't. Next time do it with a powerhouse like AJ.

  2. I get runner runnered to death on Bovada. Rigged, I imagine.