Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Get off your lazy butt

Above: This is one of the hiking trails in Highlands Hammock State Park. (Click to enlarge.)

I've been trying to exercise each day, mostly walking. Besides great weather in the winter, Florida has lots of nice state parks and yesterday, I headed for one of my favorites -- Highlands Hammock. The park has eight trails and I hiked seven of them.

This from the Park's web site sums it up well: "This park is remote and quiet, affording a very relaxing and peaceful wilderness experience."

The flyer they give me said the trails take 30-35 minutes to hike, but I found most of them were more like 15-20. There are lots of old people in Florida, just sayin').

Above: My favorite trail is the Cypress Swamp Trail.

Above: Cypress trees are attractively reflected.

Above: Cypress trees like to grow right in water.

Photos taken with my Canon SX200 P&S.


  1. We need to forward this link to your mom so that she can make sure her #1 son gets his exercise.

  2. Happy to see you enjoying the Florida foliage / swamps! Get in some poker time!

  3. Especially like that last photo.