Friday, January 11, 2013

Weather is actually hot in Florida

I've been playing some online poker during the day here in Florida. So far, I've had some deep runs, but nothing great. At least, it's entertaining.

Above (click to enlarge), a player raised and I shoved with 9-9. He made a close call with A-J and hit a jack on the river. Gotta win the flips as Lucki Duck says. Obviously, I could have played it less aggressively. If I just called, then shoved on the flop (all low cards), he would have probably folded.

I was short-stacked above and shoved with A 10 and ran into Q-Q. The flop had two spades, but a third didn't come. When you don't have many chips, you have to do stupid-looking things.

I've been trying to get some exercise. The weather is in the low 80s, nice. I eat dinner with Mom each night and have been mostly lazy. I'm going to get out and do some tourist things later on.

Is it cold where you are? Do you have (gasp) snow?


  1. Florida now has great poker and has always had great winters. I would be there in a heartbeat if they had anything resembling the LV tunnels.

  2. You're a good son, Dave. Actually, envy the situation. Mine has been gone over a dozen years. Dad a bit longer.

    It is a heatwave here. Of course, that's a relative term. Here it meant the mid 50's today. It has been what our Brit friends call a soft day. Lots of misting going on.

  3. Same sun as you, Dave, when we don't have freezing fog. Good to read your blog while you're on hiatus/vaca with your mom. I'm with Ken on that one.

  4. You brought the warm weather down with you Mojo. Hopefully it stays here when you leave. Actually wouldn't mind some cold weather some time this winter.

  5. Memphis, I've had good success lately in MTTs in situations similar to your 99 vs AJ hand by doing a stop-n-go. When both of your are short, you can greatly increase your fold equity if you wait until the flop to get it in, as 1 out of 3 times your opponent is going to miss the flop.

    It's freaking cold here in Tucson this morning, with a hard freeze overnight, and more to come in the next few days. Yikes.

  6. It was friggin' 24 degrees in Las Vegas this morning. Just sayin'.