Tuesday, February 19, 2013

To the victor

One of the most fun guys on the Internet is blogger Lucki Duck. Besides being a terrific poker player (he won a WSOP seat, see here), he's a huge sports nut fan. Yes, he's a Dallas Cowgirls fan, but we forgive him for that -- everyone has a wart or two.

Mr. Duck had an NFL contest in which players had to pick winners, but bonus points were added for margin of victory. The winner received an official NFL jersey of his/her favorite team. I'm not going to brag or anything, but check out the photo above, ahem.

See here for final contest standings.

See here for the Duckster's sports web site.


  1. So what does that logo signify?

    Titans -- going down in flames again!

    (Sparky36 paid me to say that.)

  2. I see a gentleman pointing at Ari Kiev's Trading to Win.

  3. @Mr.Subliminal: Wow, somebody has really good eyes.

  4. Glad the shirt made it to MOJO-Land. Titans shirts are hard to find in Texas :)

    Congrats again for winning!

  5. Oh, this photo was COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY! :) Congratulations MOJO!

  6. unashemed brag post, ahem .... (imho -))

  7. I'd say you're a winner in many ways. Nice to hear from you again! I like your low-key way of "bragging." Let the shirt speak for itself!