Sunday, June 16, 2013

Above: The Golden Nugget is located downtown Las Vegas on Fremont Street.

I played in a $240 tournament yesterday at the Golden Nugget. This was for seniors. There were about 4400 that entered the WSOP on Friday and all but about 700 (not sure of this number, but an estimate) were knocked out, so this gave some of them another shot at glory. Caesar's Palace also had one.

The Nugget is downtown (vs. the Strip), but that's good. After I busted out, there was the Fremont Street Experience!

My busto hand? I was under the gun with about 13,000 chips. Blinds were 600/300/50 and I peeked at my cards and saw Q-Q. I raised to 1800 and it folded to the cutoff who hemmed and hawed and finally called. The button went through the same stuff and finally called as well. It was obvious neither hand much. The small blind folded and the big blind moved all in for about the same stack as mine. What would you do?

This smelled like a squeeze play to me as he "knew" neither caller had much. I called and the two others went away. Unfortutely, the big blind had a hand -- K-K and I didn't improve. Sometimes, that's just how it goes and if you can't accept it, tournament poker isn't for you. Don't forget that there's another tournament tonight or tomorrow.

Above: The image above shows one-half of the ~490 players in the senior's event Saturday at the Golden Nugget.

Above: The shot clock when I left. Note that first place paid almost $22,000.

Images taken with my P&S.


  1. Bad luck -- boo!

    Have you been playing any cash games on the trip? If so, what and how are you doing?

  2. I wouldn't know a squeeze play if it knocked me out of my seat and stole my shoes, but with the Queens, and you didn't have a good read on the guy before this hand, yeah, I'd call. Then I'd go call the wife and whine like a baby.

    You have a few more days... take down a big one for us fans.

  3. The guy in the 2 seat doesn't look like a senior. What was the minimum age, 35?

  4. I agree, those 'seniors' do look young!

  5. Well, I wish you'd ended up winning that 22K!

    I noticed a question in this post: "What would you do?" I would have immediately headed to the golf course! :)