Saturday, June 15, 2013

The rest of the story

Above: The Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino is the venue for the World Series of Poker.

Remember that guy on the radio named Paul Harvey? He had a show called "The Rest of the Story."

Even at a $1000 buy-in WSOP event, you see some horrible poker. No offense to geezers (since I am one), but I'm sure it's even worse in a Senior event where there are so many players who have absolutely no chance.

Yesterday, when the blinds were 75/150, there were three limpers to the big blind who was the oldest person at the table and a totally ABC player. He basically played each hand face up. The old man raised to 350 and my antenna immediately went up.

I can't think of any hand where that is the correct bet, can you? What do you think he has? My thought was A-A. Bad players think that they finally have a good hand and want action. I think I need to make a big re-raise to thin the field or win a small pot now.

He got three callers. I don't remember the flop, but one player stayed all the way and they were all in on the river. The old man showed his aces and lost to some crap hand like 78.

Now, the old man will go home and brag to his friends that he played in the WSOP and went out on a bad beat -- he had his aces cracked by a 7 and a 6. His friends won't know the rest of the story, but you and I do.

Image taken with my Canon SX200 point-and-shoot.


  1. Great story. Yeah, you see some strange play at the table, even if they're not geezers! He may as well have just limped there, his "raise" isn't going to get anyone out.

  2. Agreed, horrible raise sizing with the limpers in and OOP. People who complain of getting their Aces cracked often bring it on themselves and blame it on bad luck! But I am thankful for those people. ;)

  3. I have to say it: Was that old man who played Aces that way you?

  4. @pokermeister: One problem with comments (or any internet chat) is that it's hard to tell is someone is teasing. Otherwise, it sounds like you think I'm a moron, and I assure you I'm not.

  5. Come on! I definitely know it's not you. I don't think you're a moron. I've been reading your blog for years now. I would hope that it's obvious I'm teasing. Sorry for any misinterpretation.