Friday, June 14, 2013

Out way too early

Above: Shown are some of the more than 4000 senior poker players who participated in today's WSOP event.

The WSOP today was disappointing for moi. We started with 3000 chips and 25/25 blinds with one-hour levels.

I had very few good hands, and when I had a pair or two high cards, I would raise, get called and whiff the flop only to have the deal taken away. When the blinds were 75/150, a guy raised to my right to 425. I had 1600 which is an awkward stack size. If you reraise, you are pot committed, so I shoved with A-K. A player behind me re-shoved, everyone folded and he showed aces. The flop was J-10-x, so a queen would save me, but the board ran out clean. GG MOJO.

Poker blogger Bug busted out about the same time I did. On the other hand, the guy I came out here with has built his stack up to 11,000, so my rooting interest is now with him.

Above: One of the towers of the Rio is shown in the background. On the right is the entrance to the area where poker is played. Players come out here to smoke.

Above: Welcome to the World Series of Poker!

Photos taken with my P&S.


  1. Sorry about the bad run. It happens. Tomorrow is another day. Better luck next time. You wuz robbed.

    Etc, etc......

  2. Sorry Mojo I hope you run better next time.

  3. Too bad your luck ran out. But you had fun, right? I was wondering if "senior" poker players get any special deals. Like an extra ace. That would seem appropriate when I can get a special "senior" discount at Bob Evans. :)

  4. Yeah, A-K was the hand that I lost with out there too.

    You're a talented tournament player MOJO. Keep your chin up...tomorrow's another day :)

  5. Tough luck like you experienced yesterday enhance the pleasure when your superior skill enables you to succeed in other tournaments.

  6. Who was it that called AK "Walkin' Home"?

  7. I guess we have come to expect that you will cash EVERY tournament. Not much you could do. gg

  8. Hate you didn't have more to work with, Mojo. I was sure you were going to go deep in that one. gg tho. That's a great shot of the 'smoking area'..the tower and the palm trees..I love it. Russ was driving thru Vegas Thursday night and had to stop there due to an accident closing the interstate (or so he said lol), so he found some truck parking next to the Rio and got to go in and see everything. He took a few pics with some players who were on a smoke break (the pics are on my fb page) and played a cash game. I was so jealous that he was there without me lol! Anyway, good luck and have fun during the rest of your trip! And think of the senior's event as a freeroll, it actually was with your 6th place cash in that other trny, so that's a positive. ;)

  9. Thanks to all who left comments.

    @jusdealem: well, when there's an accident, you gotta make contingency plans, right (wink, wink). I'll go check out your pics on basefook.