Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bloggers are the best

Besides being a poker player (he cashed in the WSOP recently see here and here) and blogger, LuckiDuck is an all-around good guy. I missed a chance to meet him in person in Las Vegas recently, but with some people you can just tell. Oh sure, he thinks the Texas Rangers are the best team in Major League Baseball, and he's a big fan of the Dallas Cowboys. To prefer the Rangers over the St. Louis Cardinals, I mean really. We all have a few warts, don't we?

LD has a sports betting site #1 SportsPicks, and I was happy to put a link to it on my blog. He promised a tee shirt to those who did. I was happy to do this just to help a blogger friend and had forgotten about the tee shirt offer. He's awesome at picking baseball and has launched into some other sports as well. You can see his picks each day at the LuckiDuck site.

This morning, my doorbell rang. When I went to my front porch, there was a package -- a tee shirt, no, an awesome tee shirt (see image above). Thanks LuckiDuck, and next time we're both in Vegas, I have to do better to arrange a hook-up.


  1. That's pretty awesome.
    LD says he ran out of my size but I take that as a challenge to get down to the next smaller size :)

  2. How cool! And I'd guess that tee is gonna bring you lots of good luck in the near future!

  3. Glad the shirt arrived MOJO.

    My warts are worse than you think. You are correct that I'm a fan of the Rangers, but my favorite MLB team is the Astros. Although they're not very good right now, we stole the Cards assistant GM and he has whipped the organization into shape, building a strong minor league program. Help is on the way!

    It looks like he's emulating what has been done in St. Louis. I can only hope it has similar results :)

  4. @Lucki Duck: I was sick when Luhnow left. You might be interested in this: click here.

  5. Thanks very much, Dave. And we hope you've had a wonderful 4th celebration also. We're doing pretty well; some setbacks, which are to be expected, but overall we're on the road to recovery!