Saturday, July 20, 2013

Huge crowds at World Poker Open

Above is the lobby of the Gold Strike Casino Tunica where the World Poker Open is being played for the next two weeks.

I showed up 30 minutes early to buy my entry today and found I was alternate 139 -- WTF? My friend had arrived at 11 a.m. (one hour early) and was alternate 49. We both decided to withdraw. I didn't want to sit around for two hours, then start play with less chips than average. There are more tournament events, so why bother.

There was also a 4:00 Ladies Event that had the same problem. Because of the huge turnout at noon, there were no tables for the women, so they started with one table and were working in alternates. Blogger Jusdealem texted me that she withdrew for the same reasons mentioned above. I could make a comment about how women in poker get shortchanged, but I won't.

Seeing the attendance was greater than they expected, and that they weren't prepared, I went ahead and bought my entry for tomorrow. This one is a $135 + one rebuy for $100 -- in other words a $235 tournament. It starts at 11 a.m. instead of noon (not sure what that's all about), and I promise you there will be players showing up at noon instead of 11.

One side note: The lady who sold me my entry said I was the fourth David Smith she had sold to that day. Those fakers.

Above: Seen on a tee shirt.


  1. Well, we all know how seldom you money; so I guess we can class the refund as money saved. ;)

  2. Still disappointed that I didn't get to play, I wish they had planned for enough tables. We played cash at Harrah's instead and several people there said they unregistered too, due to the huge alternate situation. Thanks for mentioning my new blog, Mojo. Will update it soon. I need to remember to get pics like you! I like that guy's tshirt!

  3. I am surprised that they let that many people on the alternate list.

    I have been in long waiting lines before for WSOP circuit events and Heartland Poker Tour events. Definitely not fun.

  4. Alternate 139? Holy Cow. I think you made the right decision and hey there are 3 other David Smiths you can play with tomorrow.

  5. Here's hoping your radio silence since posting this means you're going deep.