Friday, July 19, 2013

No luck on first try

Above: Seen are some of the more than 500 poker players who entered Day 1A of the first event of the World Poker Open currently in play at the Gold Strike Tunica. (If you click to enlarge, you can see Jennifer Gay dealing at the table in the middle foreground.)

Played in the first-day event at the Gold Strike today. I guess I should say I occupied a chair as my stack dribbled down to where I had 10.5 big blinds and shoved with A-Q. A player with 10-10 called which was fine until the flop had a third 10 and I was drawing thinly.

I did meet with Jusdealem and was pleased to find out she has started her poker blog again. You can see it here.

I might try again tomorrow. Monday is a Senior Event and, well, you know. For a list of all the events, see here.

Car seen in the parking garage of the Gold Strike -- wonder if he or she's a poker player?


  1. Sorry Mojo but even you can't win em all. I did not fare well at the aria daily 125 either.

  2. Senior Event = MOJO specialty. gl!