Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A puzzler

Playing Omaha hi/low Saturday, at showdown, another guy and I both had the same high hand and the same low hand. There was $54 in the pot (after rake and jackpot drop), yet we did not each get $27.

Why not?


  1. The dealer paid each pot separately, and the player closest to the button (first to act) got the extra dollar both times...

  2. I hope you were left of the button that hand.

  3. I wonder how many inexperienced dealers might screw this up.

  4. @Coach: You nailed it.

    @Neophyte: I did get $28 and the other guy got $$26. Sweet.

    @lightning36: There was a dealer from another casino at the table who was playing. When our dealer started to make two pots and go from there, he said something to the effect "They each get $27, what's the problem?" LOL.

  5. Well, this is interesting. I don't understand it, though. What's so hard about dividing 54 by 2? :)

    1. I think each pot (high and low) are treated separately. Therefore, there are 2 $27 pots - $14 & 13 awards each.

      Nice puzzler, Memphis. I had no idea the correct way to award pots in O8 is divide in two and award separately. On that same notion - how does an odd pot where there's a split work? Does the high pot get the extra $1?

  6. @Meister: Yes, exactly, the high hand gets the extra white chip.

  7. I thought this was going to be a trick question, like the answer would be, "Because a third guy had a better low!"

  8. Greetings, my friend. Hope you're doing well. Re your comment about "south" Florida. I've always wondered the same thing. Tampa, to me, is not "south" Florida, but quite literally "central" Florida. Maybe at one time there wasn't much south of Tampa so the university became the Univ. of South Florida. :) It's a good school though with a great medical department!