Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Great it is

The Cincinnati Reds call their home field The Great American Ball Park, and it lives up to its name. The place has a nice vibe and the fans support their team. I attended the game last Saturday since I was in the vicinity. Okay, I drove seven hours out of my way, but, hey, let's don't get picky.

Above: There is a riverboat replica in centerfield that is quite cool looking.

Above: The ballpark entrance at night (shot as I was leaving).

Above: I had a fan shoot this image of me with a sculpture of one of the best ballplayers of all-time: Johnny Bench. I tried to give him some baseball tips, but he wouldn't listen -- he's just a statue, after all.

Photos taken with my P&S -- click to enlarge.


  1. Hey Dave! So nice to hear from you again; and I love this post. A seven-hour drive is "in the vicinity of"? You are indeed a fan. That is one very cool stadium! The riverboat is spectacular!

    And re tipping off Mr. Bench, well, some people are air heads and just won't listen; others have really thick heads so words just bounce off of them!

  2. Ah, the Cards fan on enemy soil.

    I noticed in the Bench picture that you weren't wearing any Redbird garb. Smooth move Grasshopper, smooth move.

  3. Only 7 hours..no big deal LOL. Looks fun!

  4. I hope you stopped by Jungle Jim's while you were there ...