Monday, August 12, 2013

Atlanta Braves hottest team in baseball

I was in Atlanta for seven days playing in the North American Bridge Championship (don't ask how I did). On Friday, my last night there, I went to Turner field to see the Braves play Miami. At the time the Braves had won 13 in a row. Brandon Beachy and two relief pitchers shut out the Marlins 5-0 to make it 14 consecutive wins.

On Saturday, did I drive straight home? No, I detoured to Cincinnati to see the Reds play the San Diego Padres and I'll show a couple of photos tomorrow from that excursion.

Photos taken with my point-and-shoot. Click to enlarge.


  1. You live a charmed life... :) Sorry about the bridge tourney...

  2. You are doing retirement right!

  3. Good to see that you actually saw some of the interesting things in Atlanta. I was a bad host, not taking my partner from the west coase to anything more than 2 blocks from the bridge tournament, so now she thinks Atlanta is a very dull place.

  4. Great shot of the ballpark. We were there for the August 16 game that ended with a Justin Upton walk-off home run. Was a tremendous experience.