Sunday, August 11, 2013

Should I un-retire?

Above: Check out this photo. Do you think I have a future as a CNN News Anchor? No? why not? (Click to enlarge.)

When big news breaks out, where do you tune in on your television? I know I usually try CNN. Fox is too far to the right and CSNBC leans too far to the left. CNN presents a more balanced approach.

Friday, I took a tour of CNN in Atlanta GA. It was quite fascinating to see behind the scenes. I'm sure they'd love to have me join their team, but I'm enjoying retirement too much so I had to turn them down.

Did you know:
1. CNN stands for Cable News Network and it was founded in 1980.
2. CNN has news bureaus in 45 international cities plus New York City, Los Angeles and Atlanta.
3. CNN Headline News started in 1982 and CNN en espanol in 1999.

Above: CNN World Headquarters is located in Atlanta GA.

Above: Studio 7 is located in the background where CNN staff are interviewing film actor and director Forest Whitaker.

Above: A graphics editor adds visuals to the TV feed for CNN Headline News.


  1. I thought maybe the WSOP had hired you as a color commentator.

  2. I think CNN tends to send its anchors to war zones more frequently than the other networks.

  3. So how did the interview for CNN's new poker and bridge analyst go? You know this new job my crimp your tournament play a bit.

  4. Do it! I may actually watch CNN for the first time in 10 years...

  5. Well, maybe with a rug and makeup and a co-anchor with huge tat-tats...

    Then change your first name to something predatory and unusual like Wolf and you are in...

    Welcome one-and-all to the Wolf Smith News Hour with co-host Bubbles.

  6. Haha yes! The new poker and bridge commentator! I can totally see it :)