Sunday, November 3, 2013

Day 1B is better

Above: The Gold Strike Casino Tunica is the venue for the 2013 Fall Poker Classic.

Day 1B was good for me. I have advanced to the final on Sunday. There are 61 players left (out of a starting field of 557 for both days), and 54 will cash. First place is $41,114, something to shoot for. Somebody has to win, why not me? I start tomorrow in the lower part of the top 20. All that can change with the deal of a single card -- may my mojo be working.

I had one cooler where I ran my Q-Q into K-K for a loss of 20K in chips. Fortunately, the villain was a short stack at the time. Then in a blind vs. blind, I lost 10K with A-9 on a flop of A-A-4. Yes, he also had an ace with a better kicker. That was 10K down the drain (again lucky it was against a short stack).

I had plenty of good luck, too. A big stack doubled me up when he overplayed A-Q on a 10-9-x flop where I had pocket 9s.

You can see the table positions and chip stack sizes at Basefook, erm that's Facebook here.

Above: This is what a bag of 112,000 chips looks like.


  1. gl gl gl! May the MOJO be working today!

  2. Have a great Sunday my friend!

  3. I saw your name on the Day 2 list on facebook!! Go, Mojo!!! You are 3rd in chips at your table, so you are in great shape! Take it down!

  4. WPOM

    Great examples of good play on two very different days.