Saturday, November 16, 2013

Just short of the money

The Horseshoe Casino Tunica is rebuilding its poker room (see above). It looks to be quite large. Before remodeling, there were about 15 tables, so when a tournament was held, tables were used out in the main gaming area. This is just a guess, but I'd say the new room should have 30-ish.

The third Saturday of each month, the Gold Strike has a big tournament that has a $20,000 guarantee. Entry fee is $225 with 15K in starting chips. The first hour has 20-minute levels, then they increase to 30 minutes.

Today, only 83 runners entered, so there was a nice overlay. Ten got paid and I went out in either 14th or 15, boo.

I played one deal poorly. A weak-tight player raised to 12K from a 42K stack with the blinds at 2000/4000/5oo. This was odd as you often just shove a good hand with 10 big blinds. It folded to me in the big blind and I peeked at my hole cards to see: A Q. I had already seen him lay down pocket 10s to a pre-flop shove (folks don't make a fold like this and then show, bad idea), so I decided to shove and see if he would fold. He didn't and I lost the hand. In retrospect, if I just call, then shove the flop (standard stop-and-go) he would likely have folded.

This was for about half my chips. Not long after, I ran 7-7 into queens to bust. Not fun.

Photo taken with my phone camera.


  1. I am sure that it is frustrating to lose to a person who has less experience and skill.

  2. What did he have when you shoved the A Q suited ans he called?

  3. I may be wrong. I start to think shove when the M=10-12. That is assuming a decent shove hand. With that much power still there, it makes for a difficult call by most. Seems when I get beat it the guy behind me that has a big hand and not the opener. The flavor of the table might make me wait but I'm looking.

    A couple of more hands without playing, and the M starts to solicit callers. You go a bit card dead and your in serious trouble with that M dropping nicely below 10.

    Might be a flaw but its my thought.

  4. The Horseshoe had an overlay, too. I hope they don't drop their guarantee tournaments. Maybe it will pick back up when the new room opens. Sorry you didn't get better results in this GS one!