Sunday, November 17, 2013

Poker players are unbelievable

Saturday evening, to my left was an older man. He was holding his jacket up to shield the left side of his face. What was this? Then he said to the guy on his left, "Your coughing is going to make me sick."

The guy had been coughing without covering his mouth or at least turning his head.

"I'm not sick, it's my allergies," the guy said defensively.

It was all I could do not to scream at him that if he had to cough, fine, but at least cover his mouth. What happened to common decency. What happened to yes sir, I'm sorry sir?

I saw a similar post by Mr. Subliminal see here. Amazing how people are sometimes.


  1. Sadly, common decency, common courtesy & common sense are all far too UNcommon this days. Most people seem to exist in their own little world with no thought or the slightest concern for those around them. I work with the public and see it every day. I want to scream at them, too, Mojo.

  2. Yesterday, after going to church, I was munching on a doughnut at a table in the church's common area, a place where people socialize after the service. A woman at the table let out two huge hacking coughs. What a way to spoil the doughnut.

  3. I've made several posts in the past on this very subject. I don't play online, but not having to put up with this sort of behavior would be one of its advantages.

  4. Its so gross when people do that...I see people do all sorts of nasty things at the table. They also run out of the bathroom without washing their hands...disgusting.