Saturday, March 29, 2014

Jusdealem, lightning36, and Memphis MOJO visited at the Horseshoe Casino Tunica today. It's not often that bloggers get to meet and compare notes, but that's exactly what we did. No top-secret poker tips were discussed, but we did have a good time catching up.

I played in the noon tournament and busted out about half-way through. The card Gods weren't kind, and that's all I'm going to say about that.

Photo taken with my point-and-shoot by Mrs. Lightning.


  1. A handsome trio, indeed, and full of secrets each one, though not sharing! Nice shot!

  2. The cards know and hate snow birds. You've some apologizing to do, Mister.

  3. I'd use the old "rose between two thorns" line, but ... heck, why not?

    Great seeing you again, MOJO. And is was certainly nice meeting Jusdealem. As always, when bloggers meet some other bloggers' ears must be burning!

  4. lightning went all the way to tunica?

  5. Hi Dave,

    Thanx for your comment. Hope you're doing well!