Sunday, April 13, 2014

It's Spring, it's baseball, it's wonderful

I traveled to St. Louis to take in the Wednesday noon baseball game (April 9). The Cards were playing Cincinnati with Shelby Miller and Mike Leake taking the mound. Gametime was 12:45 and the temperature was 60 degrees. We won't discuss who won the game, but I can tell you I had a great time.

Memphis is home of the Memphis Redbirds, St. Louis' minor league AAA team. I've seen Yadier Molina, Adam Wainwright and many other stars play when they were here on the way to the show. Last night I took in the Redbirds and the Iowa Cubs. Again, we won't discuss who won. With the Redbirds, it's not about who wins, not that important.

From the collage above:
1. In my fantasy squad, I have Steve Piscotty on my reserve list. He batted cleanup and went three for four,
2. After the game, they had a fireworks display -- awesome,
3. Mascot Rockey Redbird stirs up the crowd,
4. A women really came on to me, but I had to tell her no I couldn't take her home after the game. Probably broke her heart.

Photos taken with my point-and-shoot. Click to enlarge them.


  1. nice looking stadium 4 a minor league club. nice looking chick too. lol