Monday, April 28, 2014

Final geezer table

I played in the Seniors game, Event No. 6, at the Horseshoe Tunica today and made the final table. We could have kept playing, but because it's listed as a two-day event, we have to stop if only one player wishes to do that (one did). I wanted to keep playing. I've found one of my strengths is that I can keep concentration even when tired. Besides concentration, players lose discipline when tired. After a long day, they sometimes just want to get it over with.

Nine players will be paid, so I'm in the money, but my chip stack is low. I believe I'm eighth, but there are several in my neighborhood and one very short stack (two or three big blinds only). There are also three monster stacks (Gary Gibbs, Kenny Piel and another guy whose name I don't know). We start play again at 3 p.m. GL me.

I don't have any online links yet, but I'll post later if I find any.


  1. I believe I called this..I saw it coming. :) Congrats, Mojo! And glglgl!!

    1. Yep, we see this coming every time you play... ;) Good luck!