Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bad beat

I finished ninth. When the blinds were 2000/1000/300, a player limped to the small blind who raised to 4000. I called and the limper called. The flop was 7 7 4 and the small blind went all in. I called, the limper went away and the bozo, er, I mean the small blind turned over J 4! He was making a move. I showed him the bad news: A A. Even a jack is not an out. I would have a higher two pair.

The turn came a low spade, and I got the sick feeling. Sure enough, the river was a fourth spade giving him a jack-high spade flush. Instead of having 105K chips, I was heading for the door.

I'm going to see the Cardinals in St. Louis on Wednesday. Time for a break from poker.


  1. Bad beat? I thought that was always one of my slicker moves. After all...those flush thingies have a lot of those outs.

    Too bad you had such a poor hand. 7-4 would have killed.

    Hell of a game poker.

    Sincerely yours,


  2. I ran it through the calculator at Card Player and I was 88.08% to win after the flop.

    1. Hands like that are hard not to dwell on. On the good side, it came AFTER you were in the money.

      It is sad how often the memorable hands are like your description.