Thursday, April 17, 2014

Lightning strike

Playing in a sit-and-go today, I was all in with queens. When all the board cards were dealt, I had four of them -- quadzilla -- and Bovada made a nice lightning display in case I wasn't paying attention, lol. (No, not that lightning.) I wonder what happens if you get a Royal Flush? Would there be diamonds, whirling winds and dancing girls?

I'm heading to Las Vegas in June for 10 days. My plan is to play in the WSOP Seniors Event #17 as well as some local tournaments. LuckiDuck really is lucky. He won a free trip from his home game competition. I'll be there June 5 to June 15. Mr. Duck will be there later, so won't get to meet him this time.

Are any of you planning to go?


  1. Everybody's going to Vegas... ;) Remind us when the time comes Memphis...

  2. I had a royal flush on Bovada a few days ago and got the lightning treatment, too.