Saturday, April 26, 2014

Southern Poker Challenge

The Southern Poker Challenge began yesterday and I played in Day 1A of the first event. It's a $75,000 guaranteed prize pool sponsored by Horseshoe Tunica, but actually played next door at The Roadhouse. Buyin is/was $350, levels are 30 minutes, and the Patience Factor is 20.25, i.e. a good structure.

I'd like to say I did great and qualified for Day 2 (Sunday), but it didn't work out that way. There's another shot Saturday (Day 1B) at noon, and I may give it another try.

I did play in the 7 p.m. tournament that was a $110 buyin and finished seventh for a min-cash (nine were paid). Ran 10-10 into K-K to bust.

I heard two stories. First one a guy told about playing in one of the casinos in Atlantic City. A lady was in the $2/5 nolimit game and had pocket 9s. By the end of the hand, she had quad 9s, but unfortunately for her, there was also quad 10s and a straight flush. In other words, she lost her stack and didn't get the bad beat or the loser's share of the bad beat. She did get a player's share.

Another story: On the river there were two guys left in a hand. Player A made a bet. Player B thought and thought. Player A said, "Are you actually thinking about calling me?" Player B said, "No, I'm thinking about pussy, but yes, I am calling you," and turned over the winner.

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  1. Haha! That last story was great. I couldn't play the guarantee, I think I will try to satellite into the main, but that's about it for me in this series. Text me when you get to the final table in the seniors event and I will come rail ya!! :)