Thursday, April 24, 2014

I've branched out

Did you know I have opened a new restaurant (click to enlarge)? If you go, order the most expensive thing, but don't pay. When you are leaving (without paying) and they stop you, tell them you know me so no problem.

Is anybody else getting those annoying Amazon Local ads?


  1. Seems we both have burgers in mind today. Just put up my blog about hamburger.

    Amazon has those coupon deals too. Most of them are a half a days travel. Or it want to give me a great deal on a spa visit. So much for them figuring out who I am and marketing well to my tastes.

    It is all too cut and dried by computer algorithms. Remember back when the local shops knew you by name and what you liked from memory. Now its all as personal as a Walmart greeter.


  2. Yeah -- I am bombarded by the personalized ads in so many online places now, especially social media sites. They think I go to Las Vegas for some reason ...

  3. Just tell them I know you... got it!