Sunday, May 4, 2014

Loose lips sink ships

The expression is an American expression that originated during World War II, and means beware of unguarded talk (See here.)

This idiom is also apropo at the poker table.

Friday I played in a satellite to enter the main event and saw this hand:

Player A raised fairly big from late position and the big blind called. The flop was all low cards with two diamonds. It was checked to Player A and he bet 2000 and the big blind called. The turn was a third diamond and the big blind bet 2000 into Player A.

"Let's keep it rolling," he said as he looked at Player A and smiled.

Player A folded his aces face up and the big blind showed him A 3 for the nut flush.

Perhaps he would have gotten more chips from the A-A hand if he had kept quiet, but we'll never know. It was an easy laydown with his talk.


  1. I actually have a future blog post about a guy who wouldn't shut during a hand and actually caused me to make the right play--which I might not have if he had kept quiet.