Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Hollywood Poker Open is a tournament that has regional qualifying events at various Hollywood Casinos around the country. The winners of these regionals get a free trip to Vegas (free room and $1,000 cash for air fare) to compete in a guaranteed $500,000 prize pool biggie in late June. The $2500 entry fee is included if you win a regional.

I played today at the Hollywood in Tunica. The entry was $130 which was cheap enough considering the prize. Unfortunately, I was second, but the good news is that I lost to my poker buddy Sim. When we began heads up, he had a 2.5 to 1 chip advantage, so I was pushing whenever I could. On the busto hand, I flopped two pair, but he had a flush draw that got there on the turn. I still had four outs to make a full house on the river, but you know how those things work.

Good luck Sim and win a biggie in Vegas!


  1. Great showing - did you receive anything for 2nd?

  2. Unfortunately, it was winner take all.

  3. Winner take all? Ouch. Great job anyway!

  4. Shame you did so well and ended up with nothing. Ouch. At least it was your buddy who took it.

    The finals are at M Resort, a place I've written about more than a few times. Sadly they closed their poker room shortly after the event last year. Corporate apparently doesn't care that they don't have an actual poker room at the home of their big annual poker championships.

    I'll be over at the M to see how it goes; perhaps I'll run into Sim.