Thursday, June 12, 2014

On the river

No, not that river -- not the poker term for the fifth board card dealt in Hold 'em. I took a rafting trip today on the Colorado River. It began at the base of Hoover Dam and went 40 miles downstream. This wasn't a white-water rafting trip, so not exciting, but fun nonetheless.

It was 110 degrees (F) and in the sun, but they gave us wet towels that were refreshing. My guide was a hoot -- a good guide makes all the difference. The trip is recommended, but be sure and bring sun screen and a ballcap.

You can see the publicity blurb here.

Photos taken with my P&S.


  1. Check out that bottom photo - an emerging national treasure..., and the Hoover Dam... ;)

  2. I can think of over 4400 folks who'd disagree with you, Coach.

  3. Beautiful shots, MOJO. I like this kind of a rafting trip. Except for the heat. I lived for some years in Phoenix; never did get used to the summer heat.

  4. Dave, did you have to sign up for this far in advance? I was under the impression that most (if not all) river boat floats down the Colorado were booked up months if not years in advance.

  5. @bug: No signed up for it on Tuesday night for Thursday. They said they usually have 35 people during the week, although this day they had 75.