Saturday, June 7, 2014

Survive and advance

Day 1 of the Seniors (Event No. 17) at the WSOP just ended. The first few levels went smooth as silk for me. After two hours I had about 5000 in chips (we started with 3000). After the next two hours, I had a little more than 10,000. Then at the dinner break, I had 17,900. Notice how I chipped up nice and smooth, just how I like.

But after dinner, all my bets were raised or shoved on. I had shown nothing but good hands, so I guess I just picked the wrong time to raise with pocket 5s or A-J or that type hand. I lost a monster pot, about 18,000, when I ran Q-Q into aces, ouch.

There are 490 players left and 470 get paid (these numbers might be off by one or two). I have 22,000 chips, and the blinds are about to go up to 1200/600/100. I'd like to be able to chip up during the bubble, but not do anything crazy. A min-cash would be for about $1700, but I want to go deep.

I'll be tweeting occasionally (my handle is MemphisMojo), so look for me there.

The media people are supposed to update the chip counts later. You might be able to find them here.

Above: When we bagged our chips, here is what mine looked like.

Above: MOJO at the WSOP.

Photos taken with my point-and-shoot.


  1. Ourstanding!

    The man in black looks poised to strike.

  2. Good on you! Love that pic, too. Keep it going!

  3. Here is a spot you can celebrate you win at:
    Looks interesting for Korean/Mexican fusion.
    That'll be different from Memphis fare.
    Caught it on

  4. Good luck Mojo, hope you run deep today.