Saturday, July 12, 2014

A fun ride is over

The WSOP Main Event was fun, but ended sooner than I hoped, and I finished 477th. I made some mistakes, but felt overall I played about as well as I'm able. Sometimes, that has to be good enough.

Card dead all day, I nursed my stack. When I had 13 big blinds, I shoved 9-9 from late position and the player immediately behind me woke up with K-K. To grind it in, a third king came on fourth street. The TV cameras came by to record my all-in moment. I hope the guy that sent me home doesn't win, or they might use it on TV.

You can see results if you click here.

Above: Norman Chad stopped by my table to get some get my advice on a few poker issues.

Above: Pathetic looking, isn't it?

Above: The shot clock immediately after I went busto.

Above: TV cameras were everywhere.

Above: This guy was at my table today. During one of the breaks, I had a little talk with him about hair care products.


  1. Well, finishing in the money is always good, and you got 2-1/2 times your money back, so well played, well played.

    Too bad that guy who woke up with Kings wasn't me. Instead of a King, the turn would have been a 9, guaranteed.

    I see you were the first person to cash at the higher level. If you had busted just a minute or two earlier you would have won a few thousand less. Very well played indeed!

  2. Thanks, Mojo, for the vicarious ride. You done good. Should you choose, I'm sure there's a bracelet in your future.

  3. nice run,bro. now load up on some fried twinkies/oreos.

  4. A poker table is about hte last place I would expect a conversation about hair car products. What's next? Comparing manicures?

  5. They should show the hand where you busted on t.v... "This is David Smith, a.k.a. 'Memphis MOJO' - he was our third-place finisher in the Seniors Event. It's no surprise that it took a premium hand like kings to knock him out of the Main..." Great job MOJO!

  6. Congrats on another deep run, Dave!

  7. Not sure what the hair care guy suggested to you; but will be on the watch for your new look.

    Bittersweet day. Those work too!

    1. i like paul mitchell products or VO5

  8. Congrats on a great run at the Main Event Dave. A couple of questions for you:

    1. Did you raise a lot of your premium/decent hands for value pre-flop on Day 1 & 2? The reason I ask is that Negranau said that he only raised 1 hand Day 1 (AA) and Todd Brunson said that he only raised 1 also (QQ). The rest they limped all day and called it small ball.

    2. Did you notice a big difference between Day 1, 2, 3 & 4? Can you discuss this in a blog?

    3. Did you have a lot of post-flop play after Day 2 or was it a lot of shoving or calling other short stacks shoves? (more pre-flop play)

    I played in the Main Event a few years ago and went out of the middle of Day 2 with KK vs. AA aipf, but it is definitely a fun experience that I wish everyone could experience.

    Are you willing to post some interesting hands from your tournament on what you felt you did well with or spots where you felt like you made a blunder?

    Again, great run this summer and I hope you have many more excellent WSOP runs in the future.


  9. Great run Dave, though rooting for you to go deeper. Enjoyed following your progress online, you had a monster (99) compared to what some were busting with.

  10. Great run Dave!
    How aggressive were players once they made the money? How much bullying was occurring on the bubble?

  11. Love your sense of humor! Sometimes the cards just don't fall in the right place, right? But I know you shall keep on keeping on! It's really hot down here at the moment. Almost too hot to play golf; the key word there being "almost." :)