Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Saving good luck for WSOP

I played poker at Derby Lane Monday. There were 200 players who donated decided to ante up $210 dollars to enter. They allowed reentries, so that's not a discrete number. One guy busted from our table and five minutes later showed up again. Usually, the tournament officials make an effort to bring a busted player back in at different table, but whatever.

On a board of Q-10-9-x, a player bet and a second went all in. The first player folded and the second player won the pot and showed 2 2.

"That's okay, I'll bust you yet," the first player said. "Players like you can't wait to give me their chips." Some other stuff was said that I don't remember. Why, folks? The other guy bluffed you off your hand, why not tell him good bet and move on. Why get your ego so involved?

I lost two-thirds of my stack when the villain hit a four-outer on the river. Stuff happens. Did I berate him? Of course not, that's poker. I was glad to get my money in as such a huge favorite. Bad luck, of course, but I'm saving my good luck for Lost Vegas.

My bust out hand: When I was down to 11 big blinds, I moved all in from the cut-off with A Q. The big blind decided to call with 3 3. The flop was A-K-K which was good for me. The turn was the 3 which wasn't. The river was a brick and I was out. Not a bad beat, of course, but was a crummy way to lose.

Viva Las Vegas.

Above: Handlers lead the racing dogs out to the track.

Above: And they are off!


  1. There are a-holes everywhere! How'd you do at the dog track. We used to have several dog tracks in Florida but I think they're all gone now.

  2. Club 52 poker room/dog track(melbourne) was always a real Shit show

  3. Good post. It always amazes when people attack other players for perceived bad play. It's that old question: if you don't want to play against bad players, who exactly do you want to play against? Whenever someone gets after me online for what they think is bad play or a poor bluff, I usually go over the top with my thank-you's for their brilliance and advice. This usually results in one of two things: a) they realize how foolish they sounded; or b) they continue giving me direct access to how they think about poker strategy (which of course allows me to exploit it).

  4. I might have missed it, but have you posted yet which WSOP tournaments you plan on entering and when you'll be there?

  5. Hi Mojo,

    Most of the people bring their ego as their company to the poker room. I always underplay my holding saying "I got lucky!" even when I flop the monster that can't be beat. Look at the options the villain has on a board and say, you got lot of outs, its just unfortunate that your missed (even if it is a two outer).

    Why teach fish to be a better player? If all of them play well, then I need to find a more easier room to make easy money.

    Good Luck at WSOP.


  6. My favorite is when a player berates another player for something they perceive as bad play when they themselves did the exact same thing earlier in the tourney/session. "That's different." they'll say, "I assigned my opponent to a range and style of play and knew I could use aggression to get them to fold. He was just playing his own pair and oblivious to the situation." Right...totally different...


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