Monday, June 1, 2015

Why do players limp?

Why do poker players limp? If you have something good, raise. If not, stay out. Simple right?

Above (click to enlarge), I was in the big blind with 8 3, not a hand I'd expect to win a big pot with. Because the villain limped, I got a free look. I flopped trips, and an 8 on the river gave me the boat. The villain paid me off -- amazing, actually.


  1. Well, UTG and something like a small pair or suited connectors I might do that. (Booing ensues) Thought is that is foldable, if I don't hit or there's a big raise that doesn't provide the odds. Of course, he letting you bet him up would be the stupid part. No way you stay in the hand with a pair of 5's without odds that heads up will not provide. I think that his big mistake. What does he expect to beat? That's especially true against a player with your profile.

  2. As my old poker coach, the Guru, used to say, "It's a sin to give someone a free card. It's also a sin to give a free look at the flop to someone in the blinds." Your example illustrates why this is true.

  3. Aside from comments such as "that guy is just a bad player" etc., the most rational explanation for ok players limping is that it's a normal move in cash game and they don't adjust their game for tournament.

  4. Well, I'm surprised! I didn't know poker players limp. The next time I see someone limping, I 'm going to ask if he or she is a poker player! And if they're limping really bad, I'm going to recommend a cane - they've got some good canes at Bed, Bath & Beyond!

    And they've got sugar cane in Cuba. But that might be too far to travel with a limp.

    Okay, I'll quit now. I figured you could take my meanderings because you are a big winner! :)

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