Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Above: The sign above makes it clear what is going on. Ha, as if I didn't know.

Sorry about a lack of posts, but Blogger has been acting up. When I would click on "New Post," a page tried to load, but the screen stayed blank. Finally, tonight it started working properly again. Ghosts in the machine?

I played in the Monster Stack Friday and it was a disaster. Besides not playing well, my luck was bad and this is not a good combination. Enough said.

I took Saturday off from poker. I should say I mostly took it off. I played in a cheap buy-in sit-and-go and my K-K lost to 5-5 and I got up and went, or something like that.

Sunday, I played at Planet Hollywood. They have great tournaments. Good structure, good playing area, mostly good dealers and big attendance, so the prize pools are big. The main cooler of the day was when a jack came on the turn (I had my J-J in the hole). There was also a king on the board and the villain had K-K for set over set. I did manage to build back up, but shoved with A-A on the turn. The board was 4-5-7-9 and the villain called with J-9. A jack on the river let me know it was time to go get a nice meal and forget about poker for a while. One bad thing you can recover from, but not two.

I see there is a Seniors Event Wednesday at the Aria, and I believe I'll try that as a warm-up for the WSOP Seniors on Friday.

Above: This is a crowd shot from Friday's Monster Stack. I should say this is a partial shot of one of the three rooms where half of the players (Day 1) played. The field was huge.

Above: When you deplane and go to get your bags, you see the above. Your blood pumps a little faster, and you know you're in Vegas.

Above: At the airport, I didn't see any drivers holding up a sign that said "MOJO."

Above: Hey, it's Sin City, right?


  1. Wow. Maybe the bad luck at the start of the trip means the good luck is coming. Can't wait for the ol' mojo to start working!

  2. If any reader knows why BlogSpot is acting up, please leave a comment.

  3. So wish I could be there! Best of luck in the seniors events!! Go, Mojo!!

  4. There are a lot of folks who like to play poker! I dunno about Blogspot. You may have had just a temporary glitch. Blogger does that sometimes. Or, it could have been your browser.

    Why, if you're in Sin City, is that dancer wearing clothes? :)

  5. Well, sorry guys. When I try to update my blog, it fails. I did advance to Day 2 of the Seniors Event, even though I lost 15,000 chips when I ran K-K into A-A.

    I bagged 31,100 chips where the big blind was just 1000/500/100. I'm sure that's below average, but still a workable stack. GL moi.

  6. Use Chrome and clear cache and cookies. Good luck for Day 2.

  7. I could be there! Best of luck in the seniors events!! Go,