Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Heading west, can't wait

I've been watching the live streams from the WSOP final tables and trying not to salivate on my keyboard. You'd think checking results online would scratch the itch, but instead it's made me more excited. I believe this will be my sixth consecutive year to play in a WSOP event. I've entered the Seniors Event and cashed two out of the five previous times. Last year, I crossed off a bucket list item by playing the Main Event (see here) and cashed at 477th.

This year, I've expanded my schedule slightly. The WSOP has done a terrific job of making more events appealing to schlubs. The Colossus, the Millionaire Maker, the Monster Stack -- these are events that appeal to the masses, myself included. They've added something called the Super Seniors, an event for players 65 years of age and older -- yum!

I'm leaving Thursday and planning on playing Event No. 28 -- Monster Stack. There are two starting days: this Friday and/or Saturday. I arrive late Thursday. Which day I play depends on how jet-lagged I am. I'd like to play Friday and have a day of rest before Day 2 (assuming I advance), but we'll see.

Then, of course I'm playing the Seniors (Event No. 40) -- that's become a tradition for me. It starts Friday, June 19. If I don't make it to Sunday, then I'll play the Super Seniors (Event No. 43) which starts then.

When it doesn't interfere with my play, I'll update via Twitter @memphismojo.

You can see the schedule for all the WSOP events here.

What else is going on? Well, there are great tournaments all over Las Vegas during this time. Rob Solomon did a great job summarizing them here. Because there is so much competition, most of the tournaments have great structures. Players think they want slow blind levels with lots of chips. I'm not sure it helps most of them, but they do get more play and last longer, so more bang for their buck.

I also hope to get my yoga fix on off days. I found an interesting place called Blue Sky Yoga that I may have to check out.

Viva Las Vegas and GoGo MOJO.


  1. Good luck, from one schlub to another.

  2. Have a great time and the best of luck. Most of all enjoy every day!

  3. Can't wait to sweat you again MOJO... Best of luck!

  4. Good luck MOJO. Looking forward to reading about your adventure.

  5. Good luck, Mojo! I hope I get to sweat you on another WSOP final table live stream.

  6. Good luck Dave, hope to see you at another final table.

  7. "I've entered the Seniors Event and cashed two out of the five previous times." Is that the understatement of the year or what????

    btw - I always make sure that people know that I won our last longer bet when we played the Seniors event together. In my mind, that means I am likely the best or second best seniors player in the world. That's my story and I am sticking to it!

    Best of luck to you. I look forward to reading of your success!

  8. GoGo Mojo...good luck today. Clear out them seniors like lawnmower...

  9. I am likely the best or second best seniors player in the world..