Monday, June 22, 2015

Super seniors

Above: One of the two towers of the Rio Casino is the Masquerade Tower.

I played in the Super Seniors today at the WSOP This was different than many poker tournaments I've experienced. By the end of the first hour, I knew all of my neighbors -- where they were from, what they used to do in life, how much one guy sold his house for. Talk about friendly! Limping was rampant and if anybody raised, watch out for aces, although they sometimes limped with them too. It was a trip. A friend of mine was at a different table and it wasn't quite the limpfest my table was, but I'm just reporting what I saw.

The style of play might make you think it was a picnic in the park, and it somewhat was. It was also a mine field, however, if players limp with aces, you can lose a lot of chips or your can crack the aces. Talk about variance.

I made a bad play in Level 4 (I think it was), and never really recovered which was quite disappointing. Oh well, wait until next year, lol.

Above: All-American Dave has a tent set up in the parking lot with nutritional food. You can go there and order, or there are runners who will bring it to your table or hotel room.

Above: This guy played in the Super Seniors. He's a legend of poker. Can you guess who he is? He's an old guy, but not too old to play with his phone.


  1. Is that Doyle? I read this morning that he had played, but busted before the end of the day.

  2. The very young to old poker players - they can't keep their hands off their .... er .... phones!

  3. Oh well ... at least you were playing poker in Las Vegas. Hard to beat that!

  4. Variance! Dave don need no stinkin variance.

  5. Is that guy TBC? He always talks about how old he is.

  6. Will you tell us what happened in Level 4 when it stings less?

  7. I read this morning that he had played, but busted before the end of the day.