Tuesday, June 20, 2017

But it's dry heat

I asked my phone what the temperature was today and Cortana said 118 F! Things were hot inside the Rio today at the WSOP, as well. The Super Seniors ended for me when I made a terrible bid. But the good news is I made a final table and cashed in 7th place, better than nothing.

The players were wonderful. Example: On a hand played Monday, I tricked a lady and got two extra big bets out of her. When I showed my hand, she just smiled and said nice hand. The players were polite, just beautiful people having fun. Were there bad players? Yes, absolutely, but there were plenty of good ones too. The final table had bracelet winners (one guy wore his, something I wouldn't do, would you?). I heard dealers say they asked to deal this event as it is fun.

A lady dealer is a fourth-grade teacher who deals in the summer for extra money. She says managing a poker table isn't too different than teaching fourth graders.

I got a tweet from The Grump wishing me good luck. I tweeted back admitting that I had folded 4-2 from under the gun. He tweeted back saying if I didn't win the bracelet, he knew why.

What else? I guess I want to say thanks to all who left comments here and on twitter. The support felt good.

You can find the results here.


  1. First and foremost Congrats on finishing 7th in the super seniors event. I am glad you had a great time playing with some of the good poker players with years of experience behind them.

    I was looking at a hand history three handed:

    Hand #123: Kerry Goldberg raised to 150,000 on the button and both John Isler and James Moore called from the small and big blinds, respectively. The flop came 10103 and all three players checked to the 7 on the turn. Isler checked, Moore bet 200,000, and Goldberg folded. The river was the A and both players checked. Isler tabled 3's for a full house and Moore flashed a 7 before mucking.

    How bad was the play from Isler? He called a raise of 150K with 3's. Flops a FH. The check is fine on the flop to disguise his hand.

    On turn CL bets 200K and he just calls. This is the point I would pump a little more chips. 2/3Bet turn. Bet at least 400K on River. The chances of taking chips from CL are so rare and I would never miss an option.

    1. @anon: Thanks. Regarding the hand, you have to get value when you actually make a hand, so I can't explain Isler's line of play. In his defense, Moore was very aggressive and perhaps Isler thought letting Moore bet was his best choice?? Whatever. Isler is the guy who just before play started on Day 3 asked what was the strategy. I would never do that. This said to me he was not experienced.

  2. Saw you'd doubled up just before the final table. Then you hit the final table and was down from that about 500k. What happened? With that double up, I really thought you were in great shape for the final table.

  3. Well, I'm glad you didn't bomb out completely and you met some nice people and had some fun. Just stay out of the sun! And day heat is the same as wet heat. I mean how do these "dry heat" people think cakes get baked and food gets cookedl Tell them to stick their head in a 120 degree oven - that's dry heat! :)

  4. @KenP When there were about 12 left, it folded to an old man who shoved for a little over 400K chips from the button. I was in the big blind with A-Q and called. He showed A-4, suhweet. A four on the river made it not so sweet. So, instead of having about 1.6 million chips, I was down to maybe 650K or so. I don't like to get into bad beat stories, but you asked.

  5. Congrats on making the final table! I checked the standing earlier in the tournament and it showed you lost 50K chips and were out. Glad to see it wasn't true!

    1. There was another David Smith from Walnut Creek, CA. I actually met him the first time I was at a final table.

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