Thursday, June 29, 2017

WSOP wrap-up

Above: The Rio is the venue for the WSOP.

I'm back home from the poker wars and have decompressed. Playing poker for 12 hours three straight days is grueling. There is always lots of walking and the heat saps energy, too (it was 118F one day). Or maybe I'm just getting old, huh? Nah, can't be.

I worked harder this year to get in shape to play. I reread books that I previously found helpful. I drove to the Seminole Hard Rock Tampa and played Friday night and Saturday (this involved staying overnight) for several weekends in April and May. That was invaluable, imo. And, of course, I discussed lots of poker with my cohort with whom I traveled to Las Vegas with.

Making a final table in the Super Seniors was exciting. There is something validating about doing it twice. Yes, it was older players, but I'm mot going to apologize for that -- you still have to beat them, and there were some good players there as well.

With four tables left, the actor James Woods came to my table. He raised from middle position on one hand. When I three-bet him from the big blind, he showed A-6 and folded (I had A-K, so hated to see that since I had chased him away when he was dominated). He has several WSOP cashes, see here.

My bust out hand looks crazy, but the guy had gone all in at least 10 times. Once a short stack called him and he turned over Q-J, so he had a wide range. This time, unfortunately, he had it.

What else? There was a tournament at the Golden Nugget where you had to qualify to play in the final on Sunday. I didn't make it, so played in a one-day thing with a minor cash (see here).

They always say "wait until next year," so that's my motto as well. There is still a bracelet to be won.

Thanks to all who followed me on Twitter.

Above: The dealers are lined up and ready for the masses.

Above: The Freemont Street Experience has a light show every hour on the hour during the evening.

Above: There are tons of bands that play each night on Freemont Street.


  1. Congratulations again on another super deep run, Dave. It was great fun to (virtually) rail you during the Super Seniors. Next year is your year!

  2. Very nice run, sir. You're an inspiration!


  3. Congrats, sir! Nice to read about your deep run.

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