Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Super Seniors over for me, but a blogger still in

Above: You'd be smiling too, if you were in this blogger's shoes.

I finished 203rd in the Super Seniors for a small cash. Things just didn't go well today. I lost chips with Q-Q vs. A-K. I lost chips with other decent hands, but that's how it goes in tournament poker, as we all know. My busto hand: I shoved with about 10 big blinds with 8-8. This was called in two place by Q-Q and A-A. The aces held and I was headed to the pay-out line. Typical stuff.

The great news is that the Super Seniors is down to 43 players, and blogger LuckiDuck is still alive! (See photo above.) You can follow the action here. Let's root him home.

Above: The shot clock shortly after I busted.

UPDATE: LuckiDuck was eliminated Tuesday in 24th place. The deal that crippled his: LD had K-K vs. A-9 all in pre. An ace on the river was unkind. You can see more results here.


  1. Luckiduck had more luck than you did, ducky! That's too bad. What a great name, "Luckiduck." But then I rather like MemphisMOJO, too.

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